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Pipe in progress

Custom Pipes

Have you ever wanted to turn your pipe dreams into a reality?

While I enjoy devising one of kind pipes, I am open to any custom requests for a specific pipe and will do my best to craft it to your liking. The prices range of the briar pipes I create are typically between $190 and $325.


Below are listed pictures with prices attached for reference. Please include any ideas you have in the form at the bottom of the page. I will get back to you with an estimate on the price and we can discuss your pipe more in depth.

Basic Billiards pipe

Simple Billiard, no accents - $190

Billiards pipe with accents

Sandblasted Billiard with mammoth ivory accents and a saddle stem - $285

Bog Oak pipe with accents

Rare morta (bog oak) with mammoth ivory accents and fancy ebonite stem - $500

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